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Wingies is a RP, created by Cameo, about people with wings. They didn't always have wings, though; they sprouted them at some point between childhood and early adulthood, and got driven out of their local communities 'cause, apparently, people don't like the winged folk.

The temporal setting is free-floating, which in English means that it's sometime in the future but we haven't nailed down a date yet.

So far (in-RP), the Wingies have endured hat theft, one member of their ranks being attacked, the arrival of a few new wingies, a sap production rivalling the entire yearly output of Canada's maples, Mike's friends showing up, a full-blown assault on the wingie shelter complete with police showing up, a medical emergency, and the prospect of a wedding.

"Oh, god, what's next? Flying flapjacks?"-Nightshadow


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